Support and Community are Important

I have not written a thing on my website for over a month. Not because I have been sick, or anything. I – my family and I actually – are alright. It was just the depressing knowledge of the fact that I won’t be able to run beyond tellerrand events for a while.

Already before beyond tellerrand many of those attendees who have been at the event a couple of times, but also those, who were there only in 2019, have written so man encouraging, nice and heart warming messages via email, text or on social media. I wanted to hug them all and say thanks, but, well, also this won’t happen for a while.

Today I received a parcel by Bianca, one of the people being in the beyond tellerrand family for a long time already. I took this as the kick in the butt to get active again. First of all to be there for what has grown over the last 10 years since starting beyond tellerrand and the people who shape this event and this … community. Is it really a community? I don’t know really, but I think there is something, which is special about those who support beyond tellerrand and me and the way they do this.

I guess you want to know what I got today. Well, it is known, that I do like gin. So, I got a lovely packed bottle of gin, that comes in a wooden box, accompanied by a bottle of tonic and some wonderful words about how this little show titled beyond tellerrand became something that feels like “home” for Bianca. If I only would be able to express how much those things mean to me.

A collage of photos showing the lovely packaging of “Heimat”, a local gin from Schweigern

Thanks so much, Bianca and to the many other wonderful people who are so supportive these days (you know who you are! 😘).

Well … I also know what I am drinking later in the sun. And you?