10 years of CSSwizardry – congrats, Harry!

When I brought this website back to life nearly exactly two years ago, I had thought about it a lot. I questioned myself and though, if anything I was writing would be read by anyone or is of the slightest interest. But Jeremy Keith and others have given me confidence and also a reason to write what I do from time to time here: I am writing it for myself and share it with whoever is interested to read it.

Therefore I know what it means, when someone continues to do this for 10 years, like Harry Roberts does. I am happy to read this as Harry turned into a really good friend during the past 4 or 5 year and I have the highest respect for what he did since he has spoken at beyond tellerrand in 2013.

Well done mate and on for another 10 years at least! … but wait … when your blog is 10 years old, did you start blogging in the age of 10 then?!