The End of an Era: No Typo Conference Anymore

I have been at a good number of Typo conferences in Berlin. Often times it clashed with my own event or other events I wanted to attend in May. But in 2005, when I still organised the Flashforum Konferenz, I attended my first Typo with the subtitle “Change”. A few more followed and especially the last four years, I attended Typo, also because the Berlin event scene came closer to me, since I run beyond tellerrand in Berlin for 4 years now.

Graphic showing the advert of Typo Berlin 2005 with the subtitle Change
The look for Typo Berlin in 2005 – with a Flash based website

A few weeks back first rumours made the round, that this year’s Typo could have been the last one. Looking back, I can say, that the atmosphere this year has not been the same as in the years before. The exhibition felt empty and not filled with lively booths and activities as in the years before. There is still no official announcement on the Typo website, but 4 days ago already the Page magazine has written a short article with the title “Keine TYPO Berlin 2019” (translated: “No TYPO Berlin in 2019”) and now Benno Rudolf, the Event Marketing Manager of Typo, posted a note on Facebook titled “End of TYPO Berlin”.

So, bit by bit it is clear, that another well-established event with tradition ends. Benno writes:

In mid-June, as part of its efficiency program, Monotype announced its intention to part with some unprofitable products, services and initiatives, including the events organized from Berlin, with the TYPO Berlin conference as its flagship.

An attempt to organise the event with a different team and approach was started, but up to now led to nothing and time plays against anyone, who thinks about organising and running a Typo event in 2019. Benno says:

Due to the advanced time and the fact that the TYPO team and me are leaving Monotype, we at the moment see no chance for a TYPO 2019, nor can we predict whether a TYPO or a resulting new design event will later continue the 23-year tradition.

For me personally, it always was a great pleasure speaking to Jürgen and exchanging about speakers, new ideas and plans we had for future events – but I am sure with the loss of Typo this is something that stays. I enjoyed meeting a lot of people in Berlin each year – often only at Typo Berlin. Now it is on me to keep these connection alive!

This leaves me with saying thank you to the team that was responsible for running Typo. I cross my fingers, that leaving the Monotype team will lead you into a good future.