The Many Faces …


I always try to stay positive. Even in situations where there is not much to laugh about. Mostly I try to focus on the positive bits during these times. Like for the last two years as for many of us. Now there are a few things I really do enjoy. One of them is speaking to other people. Exchanging, explaining, asking listening … and all the things that belong to a conversation.

Part of the beyond tellerrand documentary “This Is What I Want to Do”, which Stefan and Andreas are filming and producing since a couple of years now (thanks once more to Covid), are conversations. And since I enjoy those, plus am happy to make fun of myself to get a smile on your face, I want to share the many faces of me while answering the questions of Stefan in Essen. (All of those stupid face are real. I mean, I did not pretend any of them, but Stefan just took some stills out of the interview.)

A collage with many photos of me making silly faces during the interviews Stefan Nitzsche made with me
The many faces of me during an interview …

I had such a lot of fun (and a lot of Döner) during this day in Essen. It was great to switch off for a while. And even if we were obviously speaking about beyond tellerrand and Covid and all this stuff, it was enjoyable and also made me think about a few things. Stefan showed me a few of the interview they made throughout the years and it just was so heart-warming to hear all those stories and nice things about my little event and me. I am as scared of it as I am looking forward to seeing the finished film already!

Edit: If you want to stay up to date about the process of the film or want to support Andreas and Stefan and learn how you are able to do so, I recommend to get on the mailing list for the documentary. It is not a film by me, but I am massively humbled and proud that people seem to like beyond tellerrand so much, that they make a film about the event and the wonderful people at the event and I would love to support Stefan and Andreas as much as possible with this, since they put so much time and effort into this. Thanks in advance for YOUR support. ;)

In short: subscribe to the mailing list of “This Is What I Want To Do”