Tinker Hatfield

Today, after a run, I decided to take a bath. Right now, it is too hot for a bath usually, but I did a longer run and thought, I’d just enjoy a beer while being in the bath tub and watch an episode of the Abstract series on Netflix, that I haven’t watched before. It was the second of eight episodes featuring Tinker Hatfield. I have to admit – shame on me – I haven’t heard of him before. I just wonder why. Loved the episode and his approach on designing shoes. And he ended with a sentence that stuck with me – even though you heard similar things maybe …

“If people don‘t either love or hate your work, you just haven‘t done all that much.”
– Tinker Hatfield

Tried to find out how to get in touch with him to simply state how much I liked the episode and him in it and being emotional when presenting the Jordan XV. Did not succeed. So, Tinker, if you ever stumble across these lines: Thanks ;)