Photos of horses from underneath by Underlook.net
Giving a different perspective with his Underlook project: Andrius Burba. Copyright of the images above by Andrius Burba.

This morning, while having a coffee, I stumbled over a project called Underlook by photographer Andrius Burba. He took photos of animals from a very different perspective: from underneath. The results of the images are sometimes funny, sometimes just simply beautiful, but always interesting. Maybe because chances are rare, that you see a horse from underneath without being hit by their hooves. Maybe only because you don’t usually have this perspective. One reason for sure is, that he did great work catching those animals, like cats, dogs, horses and rabbits, in front of a black background (accept from the rabbits), which gives every image a very high contrast. I myself got caught by the horses somehow.

But check yourself what you like most in Underlook