Weird Shit

I know Joshua Davis since 2001, when I met him the first time at Flash Forward in Amsterdam. I am always happy, when he comes back to my event and gives a talk. In Berlin he was back with some of his latest projects. One of the messages he transports through his talks is something like

The work you put out there, is the work that people hire you for. So, if you put out shit, people hire you to do shit.

Tobi Lessnow, aka Baldower joined the beyond tellerrand family 2013, when he suggest doing Sketchnotes in Music and it has grown into being part of beyond tellerrand at every event. His latest track, “Weird Shit”, which he made from what Josh said in his talk in Berlin, proves, that he not only plays a bit of music and samples random quote into it to use it as kind of lyrics. I think Tobi completely got this message out of the talk by Josh and also made a great song out of it. Crazy, yes, but if you know Joshua, than you see that it perfectly fits ;)