What Chris Says About My Little Event

Christian Heilmann and I know each other for a long time. We have been at demo parties in the 90’s, he joined us for the Flashforum Konferenz about 10 years ago and he ha spoken at a couple of the beyond tellerrand events. After an event is over I ask a few people, also all the speakers, for a short quote about their experience at beyond tellerrand and with the audience, who usually is such a lovely group of people. Those short quotes go into the header of the beyond tellerrand website. After the last edition in Munich Chris sent me the following quote, which won’t fit in the header, but which I’ll use on the about page in a new section called ”What Other People Say”. And it was so nice and heart warming (for me at least) in one of these darker periods in someones life, that I really wanted to quickly also publish it here and say Thank you, Chris.

beyond tellerrand is a conference that stands on its own. There is no faceless group of people running it, but it is Marc Thiele’s show. He has an incredible knack to always find new and surprising speakers. This is a conference where what happens in between the talks and the networking amongst the attendees is as important as what happens on stage. Don’t be surprised if amongst the conference volunteers you find film makers and amazingly creative designers. I have yet to meet a grumpy person or a diva presenter at beyond tellerrand. It is always a joy to attend and I leave brimming with ideas what to do next. This is the kind of event I missed for a long time, back in the days when web conferences were still a several-month-wait-time affair. beyond tellerrand is a community without trying to be one and forcing you into a portal or a slack channel. People network because they can’t help themselves. As a speaker, you are treated top-notch but not overwhelmed and the demands the conference has for you are sensible and I for one am happy to give my best there. The quality of the video recordings is great, there are always transcripts and nothing beats a live DJ mixing each talk into a pumping tune right after it finished.