Speaking at WWRUHR meetup in Essen

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of speaking alongside my friend Bastian Allgeier, who is the mastermind behind Kirby, a CMS, which I love and use, whenever possible.

When I chat to Bastian, it always amazes me, how much our Products have in common. Sure, his is a CMS, a product he sells and where people work with and create their website and I run an event – not a product really. But you know, the problems we face, the questions we ask ourselves when sitting in our studios and thinking about how to improve and move our product forward … all this is quite similar. Maybe because we both care so much about what we do and love to see our little babies grow and see that other people like what we do. But I also think that any product or business, if you run it on your own, faces the same things: problems, questions, tasks and more. Every time I speak to Kai Brach, who publishes a magazine called Offscreen, it is quite similar.

Maybe this also is the reason why people keep asking me to speak about what I do and that there are people who also listen to what we speak about ;) – they are maybe facing the same things.

Anyways, I am very happy, excited and humbled that Maik Wagner invited me to speak at his event. Especially along with Basti, who’s work and passion I admire and I always enjoy sharing the stage with him.

The WWRUHR meetup is taking place on Thursday 27th (next week that is) and it would be lovely to see many people to chat with and share ideas and experiences (talks are going to be in German!). See you there …

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