Arpona Sans by Felix Braden

I really do like Tuna, as stated in an earlier post, in which I tested Tuna for my beyond tellerrand Website. I also bought Pulpo and used it at my events – on printed materials as well as on screen at the main stage.

Image shows sketches by Felix Braden of letters for his typeface Arpona Sans
A final sketch of letters used for digitalisation

Now Felix Braden released a new contemporary sans serif family he called Arpona Sans, which is – like he says – inspired by the work of Edward Johnston and Eric Gill for London Underground.

Arpona Sans in use on various books

Arpona Sans is a versatile font, usable for branding, in editorial design, as well as for web and app design. If you take a look on the microsite for Arpona Sans, you can see a few examples for Arpona Sans in use and can have a look how it even plays quite well in running text. Next to this you’ll find much more background about the creation process, which is lovely to read.

Right now you can grab your own copy of the family at MyFonts for 60% off (until April 18th). If you are using Adobe’s Creative Cloud, you can use it included in your Creative Cloud license.