Events for September and October 2017

During the last two month I have not attended any events. The last one was Patterns Day in June. I then went to Sardinia with my family and enjoyed about three weeks off the radar.

Now my batteries are charged, I work on the fourth edition of beyond tellerrand in Berlin and the very first edition in Munich. While Berlin is nearly sold out, ticket sale for Munich starts soon. Actually as soon, as I have clarified a few things.

With July and August, being quite for me event wise, I am looking forward to attend a few events from September on again. In the following you will find a list of events, were you can meet me and events, where I won’t be, unless I find a way to clone me.

Frontend Conference Zurich (31 Aug – 1 Sep)

For the first time I am able to attend Frontend Conference Zurich. I heard many good things about it and many people who have spoken at btconf are there this time. Happy to meet them and new people again during the three days in Zurich. I think the conference itself is sold out, but you can get yourself on the waiting list and/or book a ticket to one of the workshops. Will we meet?

NightlyBuild in Cologne (1 Sep)

Hans, Sebastian, Anselm and David put up this one-day conference for four years already now. They are back with more on September 1st in Cologne. I sadly can’t go, as I will be in Zurich, but tickets are still available and you can go, if you are around Cologne. Worth it.

Reasons To (4 Sep – 6 Sep)

Each year I am very much looking forward to visit Brighton. Mostly more than once a year, but certainly when it comes to Reasons To in September. An event that brings a lot of creative minds together and where you can meet meet from September 3rd to 6th. Tickets are still available and you should not miss out! Would be great to see you there.

SmashingConf Freiburg (11 Sep – 13 Sep)

Usually I am at every SmashingConf, not only because I started it together with Vitaly or because I am the chairman on their supervisory board, but because Freiburg is lovely and the event usually promises a lot of knowledge and practical insights for web designers and developers. Sadly I won’t make it this year due to family reasons and because I leave for Seattle while this event is taking place. This event is still not sold out and you can get your ticket.

Microsoft Edge Web Summit (Sep 13)

From September 12th to 15th I am going to be in Seattle at Microsoft’s Edge Web Summit. I am looking forward to get the latest updates there and meet old friends and long time partners in crime. Surely I do hope to also meet a lot of new people. You can still register for this free event as tickets are still available. Are you there?

Next 2017 in Hamburg (Sep 21 – Sep 22)

Another event I never been to, but where I always have an eye on. Just because it is different from a lot of events I attend and I like to see and experience how it is. This year, though, I won’t be able to go for the same reason as often during September and October: time, money and family most importantly. Next is an invite only event, which makes it feel a bit strange, but if you want to check it and apply to be invited, this way please

A Day with Shopify in New York (Sep 28)

Another trip to New York and I am looking forward to it. I like this city a lot. My long time beyond tellerrand partners Shopify are continuing, what they started in December 2016 in Bristol and visiting a few cities with their event called A Day with Shopify. On September 28th they will be in New York and tickets are still available. I would love to meet you there.

A Day with Shopify in Vancouver (Oct 2)

For the same reason, you can also meet/join me in Vancouver on October 2nd. Shopify is bringing their event to Vancouver and also here you are still able to get tickets. See you there …

Fronteers 2017 in Amsterdam (Oct 5 – 6)

Another wonderful event put together by lovely people. Amsterdam is worth a visit and Fronteers worth attending. I would totally love to go again, but my family will be happy to have me back after being in New York and Vancouver. So I have to take it easy, but definitely one of the events, where I again would love to be able to split myself into two Marcs. Fronteers tickets are sold out sadly, but you can still attend FrontCheers on the evening before the event, if I am correctly informed. Sad to miss all this! :(

Something Good Festival in Bristol (Oct 6 – Oct 7)

Another event I never been at is Something Good Festival in Bristol. The people who speak look very interesting and what I heard and can see about the event also sounds promising. Worth a trip to Bristol at one point, but sadly not this time. Tickets for the event are £95 and a colourful range of workshops vary in price and topic. Check it out and let me know how it was.

Mirror Conference in Braga (Oct 10 – 13)

I recently stumbled over this event in Braga, Portugal. I love to visit Portugal and been there many times with my family. Never at this event though. I heard good things and speakers look promising. The website says, this event is for designers and front-end developers. I sadly can’t go, being away too much and having to get Berlin’s edition of beyond tellerrand up and running. Conference and workshop tickets are still available.

SmashingConf Barcelona (Oct 16 – Oct 19)

SmashingConf is back in Barcelona for another time. Line-up for this event looks great and I am looking forward to be there as well, before I hide to finalise everything for btconf Berlin. Many familiar faces on the speaker page and tickets are still available. See you there!

WestVisions in Duisburg (Oct 18)

For the third time WestVisions is opening their doors in the Landschaftspark in Duisburg. A stunning venue and a nice evening with talks is waiting for you. Would love to also attend, but I will be in Barcelona sadly. Tickets are free and you can still register.

So that is the list of events, I made a note for in my calendar for September and October. Obviously there are many more events taking place, but listing them all would not make sense. I tried to let you know, why I have these events in my calendar and, in case I attend, why I attend. A great and more complete list of events until the end of the year was created by Jan Constantin for Smashing Magazine. Check it for even more suggestions where to go to. But most importantly, if you can, attend events! Meet people and share ideas, thoughts and discuss with others. If you are at any of the events I am at, please stop me and say hello. Always lovely to meet people.