LiebeHeide by LiebeFonts

Image showing a torn off piece of paper with a fonts that looks like written with a ball pen, which is actually a digital font.

I am always amazed by the work that Ulrike Rausch releases and am using a couple of her handwritten fonts at beyond tellerrand (like LiebeGerda and LiebeDoris for example).

Now Ulrike published a new digital font called “LiebeHeide”, which simulates the writing with a ballpoint pen. It comes, as usually most of Ulrike’s fonts, with a lot of ligatures and alternate letters, which makes it even more realistic and it is pure joy to play with. I just made this litte note above and I am sure that i will see this font used in a lot of different products, websites and other occasions.

It is just 🤯 to me, what you are able to do with digital fonts these days and for just $19 it is worth even buying to simply have a play with LiebeHeide. I can’t even imagine the time to develop something like this, but using it, puts a big smile on my face, if that is anything worth, Ulrike ;)