Photos from Smashing Conference Toronto 2019

Last week I arrived back from Toronto, were we ran the second edition of Smashing Conference after starting in 2018. I brought a set of photos which hopefully transport the lovely vibe it had.

A collage showing a few speakers on stage at SmashingConf Toronto and people at sponsor booths
Smashing Conference Toronto 2019

This year’s Toronto edition had a really calm and nice atmosphere. When asking someone onsite, everybody was very positive and liked what was going on. There is a mixed feeling about presentations without slides, but I guess it is with all the other things in the world: taste is different and level of execution as well. I myself like the setup running a presentation without a complete slide deck most of the times. The Smashing team in Toronto did a very great job, which you recognise, when you don’t see or feel anyone during the show. It was very well produced and ran smooth and slick.

I once more uploaded the set to Flickr, as there is not finished solution to host them here, on my own site, right now. I already cancelled my Flickr subscription and will soon host all my albums on my own site.

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