RSS Club


It first appeared a bit exclusive and elitist to be part of something called “RSS Club”, but I like the idea of making some content visible to RSS readers only. Not sure, where I will differentiate and what exactly I gonna post, but let’s find out.

Dave Rupert, when initiating this, said he was fed up with Twitter and/or Social Media and wanted get away from it. I myself have the same feeling, though I have to say, I found a good way to filter out most of the negativeness on social media through following only people who don’t moan the whole time etc. and I use Social Media for beyond tellerrand as channels to broadcast news, updates and following comments to my posts. I rarely – not for personal reasons, nor for beyond tellerrand – read anything apart from this anymore as it simply feels to exhausting. And that not only since Covid started, but even more since that.

So let’s see where this is leading to. Right now it an idea I have is to make it a more personal part with notes about feelings, unwritten things and plans. Not sure yet. But if you read it: welcome, happy to have you here!