My Live Streaming Setup

I am using a lot of the tech I had already to run my live streams, but got a bit of extra equipment like light for example. As I had a lot of gear already for beyond tellerrand and running events for 20 years, I did not have to buy a lot, which means, some of the stuff is quite expensive (like the Canon EOS R), not bought specifically for this reason and you might not need this kind of camera for a good quality image and can get a way lower priced camera to use.

I am working on a post where I configure a package that is not as pricey, but a good point to start without having a big budget. If you are already on YouTube, there is plenty of good recommendations out there as well for certain aspects (camera, light, microphone), but also for complete packages.


What I use right now, since people asked me and/or people wondered when Vitaly used my Studio for SmashingConf and Workshops, is the following (all links are affiliate links and it won’t cost you anything more to use them, but brings me some financial support during these times – if you consider buying some gear and use these links, thanks a lot):

(The link on the product name is the information link, Thomann and Amazon behind it)

Switcher/Capture Card


Light (Keylight, Hairlight, Ambient)

Audio (Soundcard, Microphone)

Additional Hardware

As said before, this is just a quick list. I am going into more detail on each of the aspects in more posts. I plan to explain which light I use for what (in case it is not clear) or why I use the Shure SM7B for podcasting, but not for live streaming, but the Røde NTG3 then, for example.

If you buy cables, don’t safe money on these. Good quality cables are really worth the money and help your good quality sound!

Next to this, software and streaming platforms are a topic I’d like to write about as well. I use Vito to gather my Stay Curious and beyond tellerrand community every other week and Ecamm Live (before I used Zoom) to host my guests on video. But more about this soon

If you have questions, please [drop me an email](mailto: If you want to buy me a coffee: great! ;)