The First Year in the Last 13 Years, Where I’m Not Visiting Brighton

I am just back from the lovely [ScriptConf][], where I had a fabulous time meeting new and old friends. I have been overwhelmed also by the positive conversations about my own event and the many people complimenting me about it and telling me, they are happy that Munich is going to be back.

But when I made my coffee this morning, it dawned on me, that this year, 2019, will be the first year since 2006, that I am not travelling to Brighton at least one time for an event. Since 2006 – so every time – I attended Reasons, the former Flash On The Beach. I also attended many of the dConstruct events and enjoyed all of them a lot. Both sadly came to an end.

There is ffconf, which used to be called Full Frontal Conference earlier. An event by Remy and Julie, which is long running and lovely, but sadly always clashes with my Berlin dates, since I run the Berlin edition of beyond tellerrand. Definitely worth going!

Then there are a series of events Jeremy Keith puts on. Like Responsive Day Out (don’t know if there will be another after three editions, though) or Patterns Day, which took place in June, where I have been away with the Smashing Team to run SmashingConf Toronto. So I missed this as well.

That means, if I won’t travel to Brighton after the Berlin edition of beyond tellerrand, this is really going to be the first year in a long time, where I have to miss Brighton. And I do miss Brighton. And dConstruct. And Reasons.

Leaves me with a nostalgic, little bit sad feeling. But also with a lot of warm and good memories.