Tuna Typeface

Tuna Typeface by Felix Braden and Alex Rütten
A lovely new typeface by Felix Braden and Alex Rütten – Image by Ligatur Inc for https://floodfonts.com/tuna/

Yesterday I stumbled over a post by Lagom, a magazine which my friend Elliot Jay Stocks and his wife Samantha Stocks publish. They pointed me to a website for a new typeface called Tuna. I directly liked it a lot and even though of switching my beyond tellerrand website to it. For sure I'd have to do some tests, but I did not want to miss the opportunity to tell you about this typeface by Felix Braden from Cologne and Alex Rütten from Berlin.

Tuna is a typeface for for print and screen and I really like the calligraphic touch in it. Check all the details about Tuna on their website.