IndieWebCamp Berlin 2018

For a long time, Joschi is taking care of organising an IndieWeb Camp with changing partners right before beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf and Berlin. I love this idea to run an IndieWeb Camp right before beyond tellerrand and am happy that Joschi, Stefan, Tantek, Aaron, Jeremy and others take care of this. I do my best to help as well and am organising catering and venue often time, as well as sponsoring of travel budget. The downside of running them before my own event is, that I never really can attend and I would love to do this. Solution: I have to get to one in Nuremberg or elsewhere to finally get further with this for my own websites. I included web mentions already, but would love to automate some of the things, when posting on my website.

For Berlin’s edition, there are a few wrap-up blog posts and photos, that I’d like to point you to:

And here you can find the page of the event itself at the Indie Web Site.

Why don’t you join us right before beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf next year? Dates will be May 11 and 12 on Saturday and Sunday. Attending, or better, joining does not cost a penny and it is always great fun. All information on the beyond tellerrand website soon or at the Indie Web Website.

See you there!

⇾ A Look Behind Kai’s Dense Discovery

I like how open Kai Brach is about all his project. Whether it is the calculation behind Offscreen a he has written about a while ago or the process behind producing and shipping Offscreen, I simply like reading those things. Also because I find myself and what I am doing with beyond tellerrand in those texts a lot of times.

Now Kai’s Offscreen is on a break and he focuses an his newsletter called Dense Discovery. He has written about the process, how he built the email template, what he uses for shipping and so forth, on Medium. Thanks Kai. A good read once more ;)

⇾ Visit: A Look Behind Kai’s Dense Discovery

⇾ beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2018 Wrap-Up

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Yesterday evening I managed to finish the first version of the #btconf Berlin Wrap-Up post. All material and coverage, as well as some background information included and updated as long as I get/find new stuff.

No I am off to focus on:

  1. Post-conference stuff for Berlin 2018 (maybe for the next week)
  2. Finding a new venue for the Berlin edition
  3. beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 2019!

See you!

⇾ Visit: beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2018 Wrap-Up

Newsletters I Have Subscribed To

Let’s face it: how many newsletter are you subscribed to, where you simply hit “read” or delete it the second it enters your inbox? I am guilty of that too. Especially in busy times, like last week, when running beyond tellerrand in Berlin. I tried to keep those newsletters unread to get back to them at a later point. This mostly ended with deleting them anyways in the end.

This list here is a short list of a few of the newsletter that I have subscribed to and that I read. There is many more and I guess there will be a second part of this kind of email, but these few here are the ones that came to my mind first, when I thought about which one to list.

Really Good Emails

Image showing the head of the newsletter called Really Good Email

This is a nice and quick to read newsletter about email marketing and design, that is lovely to read also if you are in a rush. A short scan often is enough to see, if the latest edition has something interesting for you or not. Next to interesting reads about marketing topics, it often has inspiring email templates. The first edition went out in 2015 and about 29.000 people are subscribed.

Responsive Design Weekly

Image showing the head of the newsletter called Responsive Design Weekly

Justin Avery sends out this weekly email to everybody who interested not only in responsive design, but all that matter around web design and development. A good weekly wrap-up, often with some conference/event related news as well. Not too long, good to read. Justin just sent edition 335 of his weekly newsletter.

Veerle's Weekly EDITION

Image showing the head of the newsletter called Veerle’s Weekly Edition

I am following the work of Veerle Pieters for many, many years now and am a huge fan of her work. She also attended beyond tellerrand already, but I never could convince her so far, to get onto my stage. One day maybe ;) Anyways, to me it seems that she launched her newsletter just one week ago, but that is, because time flies. She actually is at her 101st edition of her weekly inspiration boost already! I like that her newsletter is very visual, a good length to quickly read it and that it always has a very personal touch.

Web Development Reading List (WDRL)

Image showing the head of the newsletter called Web Development Reading List

Also this newsletter feels, as if it arrives in my inbox since just some weeks ago, but actually Anselm Hannemann sends out his weekly sum up about what’s going on in web development since 2013 already. Now, 246 editions later, he still funds his newsletter solely by donations and puts quite some work into its curation.

Dense Discovery

Image showing the head of the newsletter called Dense Discovery

This is a pretty new newsletter, where the first edition was sent in September this year. Even though Kai Brach, the person behind this newsletter is not new to this busyness. Kai is known for his print magazine called Offscreen and he started sending a newsletter a while ago already. First he released a newsletter that was called The Modern Desk and later, since mit 2016, he called it Offscreen Dispatch. Now, with Dense Discovery he disconnected it from Offscreen again, but with the same Kai Brach spin as always: design and technology spiced up with app and hardware recommendations and hu emphasis on humanity.

As said: this is only a short excerpt of what arrives at my inbox every week and I am sure, that I can easily fill a second post with more newsletters, I’d like to recommend. Stay tuned, if you want to read more and feel free to send me your list of favourite newsletters.

One Leg in Berlin, the Other Leg in Dusseldorf

3 small photos showing the forest in which I live with colourful leaves as it is Autumn
Autumn is a beautiful time of the year, if it is sunny – I love sorting my thoughts on long walks with the dog

No idea, if you have this: you finished one project, which was exhausting, yet fulfilling and you are on the way to the next project. In my case I, of course, speak about events. And I just finished my Berlin show. It was wonderful and I am currently working on the post-conference things to be done: emails, invoices, tidying up, sorting tech, left over swag etc. Now my head is already (and for a longer time already) into organising the next Düsseldorf event. Surely you can’t always make a clear cut, but my brain and what I do during the last few days jumps from one to the other event and it seems like not having a plan at all. Plus I have written a couple of venues for Berlin, as I have to find a new home for beyond tellerrand Berlin.

I mean, I have written about my head being so full, but you know, maybe this post is a way to get this problem out of my head again and I am happy to live in a forest, where I can take a walk with our new-ish dog.

I am bursting to get all the new ideas for upcoming events out and to reality and still want to finish Berlin 2018 in a nice and lovely way for everybody with nice and friendly emails for example. But if I only knew where to start ;)


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After a last day with a workshop at Erik Spiekermann’s letterpress workshop, beyond tellerrand Berlin, which was the fifth one in Berlin, comes to an end. I am sitting in my hotel room on the bed and emptiness and loneliness, next to a sad feeling hit me. As I run this event for quite a while now, I know that this is happening and what keeps me up right now are all the lovely things many, many people said to me during and after the event. Thanks so much for letting me know that you appreciate this show and have fund at what I have created. It is pure joy for me, especially when I know that so many people take something with them. I am also sad as this was the final edition in the Admiralspalast, but I am doing my very best to find a good a nice new home for us in Berlin next time!

See you there and once more: THANK YOU!

Short trip to New York – back soon! – and good bye Admiralspalast

In two weeks from now, I will be on my way to Berlin to run the fifth beyond tellerrand in Berlin. This event is sold out (workshops still available!) and it will be the last time I am able to run the Berlin show in the Admiralspalast’s Studio. For five shows the Admiralspalast was our home and I actually enjoyed being there.

3 small photos showing the Admiralspalast’s Studio from different positions
A wonderful home for five beyond tellerrand editions in Berlin

I remember, when I was on the hunt for a venue in Berlin in 2013, when I made the decision to run a second edition and I came into the Studio of the Admiralspalast. I was not too impressed, I have to say. Well, considering my Capitol Theater Club, which I learned to love over the three years before adding Berlin, it was … well … different. But then, after the first Berlin show kicked off and went so smoothly and great, I started to really like the place. Despite being in the third floor (many stairs, I know) and having not as much exhibition space as in Düsseldorf (which I loooove!), it has a good vibe. I also always liked, that there was no stage. People are sitting on a staircase-like seating and look onto the stage-area from above. With this, this natural border – which the stage is – is lost and puts speakers and attendees automatically and physically on the same level. During the five shows in Berlin, many people came to me and mentioned, that they like those random conversations with the speaks that happen, as they leave their seats for a drink or fresh air and bump into the speaker on stage. One of those lucky accidents that happens when running an event like this, I guess.

Now, after this year’s beyond tellerrand in Berlin, this is going to be history. Thanks to the staff at the Admiralspalast, especially Ingo, Markus and Antonia! I had a lovely time with you and there.

Instagram photo showing an A380 at Frankfurt airport in parking position
Our home for the next seven or eight hours on our way to New York

But right before Berlin kicks off, I am hopping over to New York quickly to be with the SmashingConf team. Also I use this chance, as we have a Autumn school break in our area in Germany, to bring my two oldest kids to New York for the first time – exciting times ahead. I am very much looking forward to the New York Conference, I love New York, but I must not forget, that I have just a little more than two weeks left to sort out everything that is left for Berlin … and that is still a lot!

Looking forward to meeting you, whether it is in Berlin, in New York or anywhere else where …

Thank you! (once more)

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I am humbled and thankful once more. Thanks a lot for your trust in my beyond tellerrand events. Early birds went fast again and I‘m sorry for those who did not get one. Looing forward to another show in Düsseldorf. But: Berlin first ;)

⇾ No beyond tellerrand in Munich in January

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I have already stated in my Munich Wrap-Up from last January, that it is likely that this year no beyond tellerrand in Munich in 2019. Well, I have really enjoyed organising and running Munich’s edition a lot and I will definitely be back, but as you can see from the announcement of Düsseldorf and the ticket sales for Düsseldorf starting next Monday, there won’t be a January(!) edition.

⇾ Visit: No beyond tellerrand in Munich in January

⇾ Preparing a Conference Talk – Jeremy Keith

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Jeremy Keith is speaking so much, I can easily say he is one of the old rabbits (hehehe … in Germany we say someone “Ein alter Hase”, if he is around for a long time – I think “to be an old hand” is the English term for it) is in the event landscape and he is one of the people you are able to learn a lot from.

In this post Jeremy shares how he starts to prepare a new talk and I found many similarities to how I start doing this. Mostly starting on paper is what I also do and what helps me to sort the many loose ideas and sketches I have in my head. Therefore, I can recommend reading his post, even if you are used to speaking at events. You never know if changing your habits and trying something new is leading to a different experience when preparing a presentation.

⇾ Visit: Preparing a Conference Talk – Jeremy Keith