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How could I have missed that?! Sans Bullshit Sans, a font that replaces every buzzword by a Comic Sans-styled censorship bar. By Roel Nieskens.

Sans Bullshit Sans is an experimental font using the power of ligatures to turn bullshit language into bullshit images.

Mark Boulton just re-tweeted a tweet about it and I love it!

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Jon Hicks Made a Font out of His Fathers Handwriting and That Made His Father Immortal

The father of Jon Hicks recently died and that is always a very sad moment. Someone who guided and accompanied you through your whole life suddenly is gone. And I could simply relate to Jon, when he wrote

[…] it feels like 2021 is the year of being weighed down by the sheer heaviness of grief.

I was able to relate not only because I lost my first brother in 2013, when my wife’s grandma died also, but also because when my other brother died end of 2015, our dog Baldo died after 16 years of being with us as well. Back then it seemed for me as if one death never comes alone.

In Jon’s post about his father’s passing, I also was reminded, that a death can also be something very peaceful, like when my mother died in 2017. Sitting next to her bed for the last hours together with my wife, my sister and one of my nephews had something very peaceful and I think in some way it gave myself some kind of strength and made me remembering all the good times I had with my mother.

Now, Jon made something lovely to make his father immortal not only for him and his family – as those of our families who die are immortal for us anyway – but he created something that also makes him being remembered by others. He created a beautiful font out of his fathers handwriting.

I also love, that he was able to use his dad’s handwriting now for all the documents for his dad’s funeral, which makes it so personal and lovely.

It is lovely to read about the process of Jon creating this font and him enjoying to do this. Sending out a big hug to Jon and his family!

You are able to use the font for free, but a donation to Parkinson UK is suggested

Update: Jon updated Bryan and enhanced it with more ligatures, an uppercase Q and an uppercase ẞ (Esszett)

⇾ A Guide To Accessibility Tooling

Nic Chan has written a handy guide to accessibility tooling for Smashing Magazine.

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Got a Sony ZV-1 as Second Camera and Alternative to my EOS R for Streaming

A photo showing my new Sony ZV-1 camera including a SmallRig cage and a Rode Video Mic Pro
Next to the camera I got a SmallRig cage, as a mounted tripod would block the batterie and card slot, next to other benefits …

I was looking for an alternative to my EOS R, which I right now use as main camera in my streaming setup. I installed Magic Lantern on my Canon 7D Mark I and it helped getting a clean HDMI signal out of the camera, but the 7D felt – related to streaming – outdated and not good. I still like it as a camera to take photos with, but for streaming, I was looking for another option.

I do have an EOS R as well, which works fantastic for streaming, but for a lighter setup or to quickly take the camera with you, it is pretty heavy and bulky. I looked into several option and ended up with the Sony ZV-1, which I caught in a discounted bundle with the wireless control grip.

I watched a lot of reviews about the camera and one of the main cons everybody mentioned an issue that, when using a grip or tripod, your battery and SD card slot is blocked and you would have to un-screw the tripod/grip each time you wanted to swap battery or take out the card. So I got the SmallRig cage which offers man possibilities. Another downside of the camera mentioned was the battery time, as the battery is very small. Well, I might mainly use it connected to the power supply via USB anyways, when streaming, but I got a 3-pack incl. charger (Amazon affiliate link) for the camera in addition as well for around €25.

So far I am happy with it and the quality of the output. The pro feature anyone mentioned was the good and fast autofocus as well as a good quality image. The built-in microphone is ok, but since I already owned a Rode VideoMic Pro (Thomann affiliate link), I am using it with the ZV-1 and it is surely improving the sound.

I might give you an update when I used it for a while, but so far I am happy with it.

⇾ CSS Layout Generator by Brad Woods

A very handy CSS layout generator for quick layouts done with CSS Grids. A Flexbox version is on the roadmap.

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Kirby Docs Search Workflow for Alfred 4

A screenshot of Alfred App showing how you can search the Kirby CMS documentation

If you are using Alfred anyways and a lot, like I do and you are also using Kirby CMS for your websites, you might like, what Adam Kiss has published here.

He published a workflow for Alfred, that allows you to directly search in the Kirby documentation directly from your computer. Pretty handy! I love those things who are maybe not too big of an invention, but make you life easier with small, helping bits. Thanks Adam.

👉 Information and download of the Alfred workflow

⇾ Star Trek Design

This is so nerdy and I love it. Eno created a website on which you can find a lot of the interior, glassware, and so on from all Star Trek series with Info of who designed it and what its original name is.

Eno writes:

Star Trek + Design began as a personal quarantine project in March of 2020, a little over a year since buying my first Bodum Bistro (Picard Cup) set. I’d just been laid off from my job due to the pandemic, and found myself spending far more time watching Star Trek than I had when I was employed. Being drawn to the aesthetics of Trek, especially of The Next Generation, made me curious about the specific objects that set designers used to create the visual embodiment of what living and working on a starship would look like in a technologically-advanced, post-scarcity future.


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⇾ 5 Most Annoying Website Features a Blind Person Faces Every Day (Holly Tuke)

Holly Tuke writes about the five most annoying inaccessible web elements she faces as a blind screen reader user every day and teaches us how to fix them.

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Morning Coffee

A photo of today’s first coffee I made, a flat white, standing in front of my espresso machine

Every morning at 6am, my coffee machine automatically turns on to heat up and have the right temperature for when I get up and have the first coffee of the day.

I like the sound of the grinder, grinding the beans and the sound of the hot water and steam that the machine makes, when I flush out water. The smell of that first coffee as I froth the milk is almost more rewarding than the taste of that first coffee.

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⇾ Learn CSS – A Free CSS Course and Reference

A free CSS online learning course.

This course breaks down the fundamentals of CSS into digestible, easy to understand pieces. Over the next few modules, you'll learn how the core aspects of CSS work and how to use them effectively in your projects.

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