⇾ Andy Baio Working on a New Virtual Event Platform – Skittish

Andy Baio, who spoke at beyond tellerrand in the early days and co-organised XOXO for 7 year, was “Frustrated with the state of virtual event platforms[…]”, so he started working on one and called it Skittish.

Exciting to see, where this leads to.

⇾ Visit: Andy Baio Working on a New Virtual Event Platform – Skittish

Still Not Too Old

A few months ago James Victore was speaking about when you could feel old. Answer is here btw..

Today I watched a video that targets a similar topic. Vic Lee speaks about how people are too afraid of starting something new as they think with 45 or even 55 you are too old. But are you really? You’ll never find out until you try.

Have a look and share the motivating message.

⇾ Looking Forward to Tonight’s Show with Carla Diana and Brendan Dawes

Very much looking forward to continue my online event series I called Stay Curious and which is for the beyond tellerrand Community. Tonight with Carla Diana and Brendan Dawes.

⇾ Visit: Looking Forward to Tonight’s Show with Carla Diana and Brendan Dawes

So Few Things for Blind People in Our Daily Life

This morning my youngest daughter came to me and asked ”Daddy, do you have anything that uses braille to be readable for blind people” and I though I have. Turned out, I did not find anything. I showed her the our money, where coins and bank notes have a few helpful things to help visually impaired to differentiate the money. But then?

I thought, well, if I think of instruction manuals or cook books … nope.

I though, food packaging maybe … nope.

Oh yes, medical packaging.

But that was it, really. Made me sad somehow, but I guess that proofs what her teacher wanted: to show how less help actually exists and that this has to change.


Yes, I know. Many people are already speaking badly about Clubhouse, but first: I am curious. Then, I also like to try things out myself before I judge.

So I signed up and use @marcthiele to be found there.

I have listened to quite a good amount of good ”rooms” aka conversations already, but also a lot of boring and poorly hosted chats, which really feel like some people criticised: me listening to a group call of someone.

But again: I give it some time and see, if I like it or not. I also know it is nothing completely new as there are a lot of podcasts who record live with audience. Just putting in an app and trying to grow a community around it is new – at least to me. My first thought have been it might be nice to combine something like this with live recording a podcast or discussions afterwards etc etc. But yes, it is sad, that they start “app-first”, iPhone only and invite only – and not build a nice open community.

Massively Disappointed by Kickstarter

In April 2020 a project was launched on Kickstarter to back a Super Fast SSD Drive. Back then the price was tempting as I needed a new one and it was quite a bit cheaper than what you usually pay. I backed the project with $349 and was waiting for updates. They updated us with messages about copyright issues first etc. and sent the last update in September, after taking our money and asking for shipping details.

Long story short: no updates or notifications since September then. They just sent enough updates to keep the backers feeling safe until most credit card institutes won’t be able (concerning their terms) to claim back the money easily.

Well … all this is one thing and there are arseholes like these who rip off people. Turned out, they did the same on Indigogo.

I now have a lawyer involved, trying to help me. But what disappointed me most is how lame Kickstarter reacted and how less they do to help people with this and after all, that there are no options available to protect their customers – this is what their users are, isn’t it? – when things like this happen. Especially as I heard their are many projects like this.

Last notice I got from Kickstarter was this:

Hi Marc,

Kickstarter takes the privacy of our users very seriously, so we don't provide a creator's information directly to backers.

Kickstarter's Terms of Use outline the responsibilities of backers and creators. This information can serve as a basis for legal recourse if a creator doesn't fulfill their promises.

We hope that backers will consider that option only in cases where they believe that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill. If you haven’t yet, you can message a project creator directly. To do this, go to the project page and click on the "Contact me" link under the creator's name in the bio section.

If you believe legal action is appropriate here, please talk to an attorney about how to proceed.

I, again, thought that this is really lousy, that there is no better protection. Like escrow accounts for example. But I also wrote back, that I have a lawyer involved and that they should please tell me how to proceed from now on. I have written them twice. No reaction since December 23rd.

Is this really how you treat your users? I don’t think so and I will never ever back anything on Kickstarter. If it is so easy to set up fake projects and make nearly $500,000 with that, I don’t feel that this is a safe place to back anything.

Really disappointed by how Kickstarter treats cases like this.

Webbed Briefs by Heydon Pickering


Heydon Pickering created a couple of good videos already. His latest series – Webbed Briefs – is a new one. Informative and fun to watch.

So far he release two episodes:

SVG Toys and Tools

I am working on the website for my German podcast Neu•Gierig right now and while playing around with masking, gradients in css and SVG, I came across a few things, that I’d like to list here. Especially to bookmark them for myself. But maybe you find them useful or fun to interact with as well.


A screenshot of the website showing the interface to make SVG wave shapes
Easy and fun to play with –

A little editor to create SVG shapes – or better – SVG waves. Choose, if you like a round wave, a more block-looking or zick zack shape, enter the preferred colour and opacity and how busy your shape should look like … done. You can then hit the button with the dice to get a new random shape based on your parameters and if you like one, simply download or copy the SVG code by hitting a button.

SVGPath Editor

Well, this actually is, what the title says: an editor to edit your SVG path in the browser. Load a shape, edit it and save/copy the SVG code again. Useful for a quick edit certainly.


A screenshot of the website showing the interface to make organic SVG blob shapes
Need an organic looking blob? Who doesn’t! –

Also fun to play with and from the same people as the wave creator above: Blobmaker. In case you need an organic looking blob, you enter your colour of choice, choose how complex your shape should be, how round or wild you want to go and done. Download or copy the SVG code, add your brand name on top and there is your new logo … well kind of …

Update 3 February 2021

Just stumbled over this other wave editor in the Sidebar newsletter. and wanted to update this post.

A screenshot of the website showing the interface to make SVG wave shapes
A few more options to configure your SVG wave –

12 year old Bereket Semagn created an SVG wave maker with a few more options. You can pick two colours, add multiple vector points to modify your shape and a few sliders to configure the output. Would be nice to have a few tool tips that help to recognise what exactly you change and not just do this by trial and error. But good fun also to play with this one!

You have more of this stuff? Send them to me. Always fun to play with these and I am adding new ones below the above.

Update 30 March 2021

Iris Lješnjanin of Smashing Magazine published a good list of many different SVG generators.

An Essay on Newsletters (and Other Things)

Robin Rendle has created a well written and nicely illustrated essay with thoughts about newsletters, websites, RSS, writing for the web and getting paid for it. Plus important points like how to make the web and websites and writing on websites easy, accessible and also fast.

Read “Newsletters”

⇾ Recording of the Kirby 3.5. Release Show on Stay Curious

Last week Bastian Allgeier and I hosted the release show of Kirby CMS version 3.5. The recording is online on YouTube now.

⇾ Visit: Recording of the Kirby 3.5. Release Show on Stay Curious