Inclusive Components: The Book

Heydon Pickering has turned his blog about Inclusive Components into a book. If you think ”Why should I buy the book, if it is just the blog turned into a book?” – well, it is not just the blog. The content is updated and demos are different and new. Plus you support a great person with buying the book. He has written the well-sold Inclusive Design Patterns book and whenever I see him speaking, he is one of my favourite speakers during an event.

Screenshot of Heydon’s website showing the book graphic and a portrait of Heydon
Inclusive Components: The Book by Heydon Pickering

Heydon himself says about the content of this book:

Inclusive design is not about wrong and right, but bad to better. You'll learn plenty of tips from Inclusive Components, but you'll also adopt the mindset to go on and make even better components.

I think he has done a great job with this book. A small book, full with practical tips and advice. And my advice for you is: Go and buy this book!